Fund Wallet

Wallets have a virtual account number assigned to them for the purpose of adding money. Depending on your implementation, an investment account owner might be able to add money into the wallet themselves by transferring it to the account number or the wallet might be funded indirectly from the developer's wallet.

Indirect Funding

Indirect funding occurs when you receive the funds from the user by some other means and then send it to the user's wallet from your own developer wallet. The developer funding flow requires that you use the Embed peer-to-peer transfer feature to credit the user wallet on Embed.

Once you receive money from a user within your app, initiate a peer-to-peer transfer from your Embed business wallet to the user’s embed wallet. This endpoint contains the required parameters for transferring money from your wallet to the customer's wallet.

Once an investment has been created, it can be funded through deposits from the user’s wallet. When doing this, you need to specify the amount and the investment product code.

Once you receive money from a user within your app, the next step is to make a transfer into your Embed developer wallet and then move funds from there to the customer's Embed wallet.