Idempotent Requests

To prevent duplicate post transactions, we support idempotent requests. By providing a unique idempotency key in the header of your POST requests, the server can prevent duplicate requests from being processed.

This is especially useful in cases where there is network/connection failure before you receive a response from the server.

Add the Embed-Idempotency-Key as part of POST request headers.

If a duplicate request is received for a transaction that has previously been processed (same payload and same idempotency key), we do not re-process the duplicate request, rather we return to you the last successful response for the request.

We recommend using a unique string like UUID as your idempotency key.

Sample Idempotent Requests

  -H 'Embed-Idempotency-Key':'19051a62-3403-11e6-ac61-9e71128cae77'
  -d '{
      "account_id": "6a8f9d8aef16477f866b20161e003e48",
      "asset_code": "AST-TBILL-1502504249"
  -X POST 
Passing an idempotent key as part of a request to create investment.
Passing an idempotent key as part of a request to create investment using the Embed python client library.