Funding Investments

Once an investment has been created, it can be funded through deposits from the user’s wallet. When doing this, you need to specify the amount and the investment product code.

Funding an investment for a user is as easy as issuing a POST request to the /wallets/:id/transfers endpoint. If the request is successful, you should have a response object containing the transaction details similar to the sample below.

"data": {
        "id": "35259112-f3a7-485b-a0db-42deb9752b93",
        "amount": {
            "value": "500000.00000",
            "currency_code": "NGN"
        "fee": {
            "value": "0.00000",
            "currency_code": "NGN"
        "reference": "TRF4921CC0C46F63E31",
        "description": "",
        "source_asset": {
            "id": "f8f740c7-30eb-4d62-8f46-be059614a3bb",
            "name": "NGN-Wallet",
            "account_id": "04fc88aca5394e14be16551a6111a048",
            "account_name": "Abdulrahman Solanke",
            "account_email": "",
            "product_code": "PRCDE1117845064",
            "asset_type": "wallet"
        "destination_asset": {
            "id": "7da97275-fd28-40c6-937d-afc86b789ad1",
            "name": "Nigeria International Debt Fund",
            "account_id": "04fc88aca5394e14be16551a6111a048",
            "account_name": "Abdulrahman Solanke",
            "account_email": "",
            "product_code": "PRCDE1949923267",
            "asset_type": "mutual-fund"
        "status": "Pending",
        "transaction_date": "2021-07-13T21:55:02.122075+00:00"
    "errors": null,
    "message": "Request successful",
    "status": "success"
Investment Object after Funding

Create and Fund Investments Simultaneously

Currently, we have separate endpoints for creating and funding investments for users. Although these endpoints are separate, the actions they enable can be initiated simultaneously.

It is possible to chain the network calls from the backend so that creating and funding investments on the client-side do not look like two different activities.

Sample Flow
Create Investment /investments       ---->     Fund Investment /wallets/:id/transfers

Please refer to the API Reference for a complete guide on creating and managing user investments. We have also included an investment model page that explains the fields on the sample response