Creating Investments

You can create investments for any of your customers after creating an investment account for them. This is done to indicate a customer’s intent to have a product as part of their portfolio and to personalize their portfolio allocation.

To create an investment for a user, you need to specify an investment asset code as well as the account you want to create the investment for.

Auto Reinvest

There is an auto_reinvest parameter on the investment creation endpoint which allows the reinvestment of dividends when there is a payout. The dividends will be reinvested based on the current unit price of the fund and fees will not be charged for the reinvestment.

Creating an investment for a user is as easy as issuing a POST request to the /investments endpoint.

When an investment creation request is successful, you should have a newly created investment object. Below is a sample investment object showing all required data.

    "data": {
        "investment_id": "a38ed92d-d2cc-4764-96df-93636a01b11f",
        "account_id": "95e03363801f4de78b29d06921c0d4a6",
        "product_code": "PRCDE1563201259",
        "asset_type": "mutual-fund",
        "current_units": 0.0,
        "currency": "NGN",
        "current_value": 0.0,
        "change_today": "0.0",
        "created_on": "2021-05-09T09:44:34.673692+00:00",
        "pending_deposits": [],
        "pending_sales": []
    "errors": null,
    "message": "Request successful",
    "status": "success"
Sample Investment Object

Please refer to the API Reference for a complete guide on creating and managing user investments. We have also included an investment model page that explains the fields on the sample response.