This details the process of getting transaction records for an investment account. This section will guide you on how to provide your users with a view of their historical transaction records.

Transactions have been grouped under three distinct types to make the process of filtering transaction records easy.

The transaction types include:

  • Transfers
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
The transaction types listed above are used for getting the respective transaction records. Initiating any of these transactions is done by calling the designated endpoint for each product type. We have provided these endpoints under each resource in the API Reference. But below is a summary.


Transfers made from a wallet could be:

  • Wallet to another wallet (as in a transfer between customers on your platform or between you the developer and your user)
  • Wallet to investment

The endpoint to carry out the aforementioned operations is wallets/:id/transfers


  • Withdraws to wallet (for the case of breaking a savings)

Should you need to break a savings, you will have to call the /savings/:id/withdraw endpoint.


  • Liquidates an investment to a wallet

The endpoint to make this happen is /investments/:id/liquidate