The first step to creating an investment for your users is to create an investment account for them. You do this by calling the /accounts endpoint of the API. The account created will be referenced when creating wallets, savings or investments.

Create a User Account

Investment account creation is the process of registering a user to be able to access investment products on your platform. To create an investment account on the Embed API, you need to provide minimum user details such as first name, last name, and email address. Once the account is created, you will need to update and verify the user by providing either the BVN, NIN, or voter’s card.

In production, an unverified user will not be able to access the investment products or perform any investment activity.

To register a user, you need to issue a  POST request to /accounts

When a user registration request is successful, you should have a newly created investment account object with a status code 201. Below is a sample investment account object showing all details that are needed

    "street":"Ligali Ayorinde",
    "lga":"Eti Osa",
Heads Up
Sensitive user data should not be used in the sandbox environment. To prevent this type of data from being saved in the sandbox environment, the API will only require first_name, last_name,email_address and phone_number for investment account creation.

Once an investment account is created, you can get its portfolio, invest in it, update the investment account profile, and so on. Detailed explanations have been included below.